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Click it or Ticket

Click it or Ticket

The May 2019 Click It or Ticket Mobilization played a critical role in the effort to keep people safe on our nation’s roads and highways. From May 20 – June 2, 2019 law enforcement agencies in New Jersey and nationwide conducted Click It or Ticket campaigns that incorporate zero-tolerance enforcement of safety belt laws with paid advertising and the support of government agencies, local coalitions and school officials to increase safety belt use and defend against one of the greatest threats to us all – serious injury or death in traffic crashes.

Click It or Ticket is a high-publicity law enforcement effort that gives people more of a reason to buckle up – the increased threat of a traffic ticket. Most people buckle up for safety. But for some people, it is the threat of the ticket that spurs them to put on a safety belt. In Click It or Ticket programs, law enforcement agencies are asked to mobilize to focus on safety belt violations and publicize the stepped-up effort through news media and advertising. It is the two-pronged approach that makes these campaigns powerful: Not only are tickets issued to unbelted motorists, but the surrounding publicity ensures that people know they are more likely to get a ticket.

Click It or Ticket campaigns and similar efforts have increased safety belt use in cities, states and even in an entire region of the country. In New Jersey, 357 police agencies participated in the May 2018 Click It or Ticket Enforcement Mobilization. New Jersey’s seat belt usage rate currently stands at 94.47%, up from 94.07% in 2017 and the highest usage rate that has been recorded.

Seat Belt Palm Card – Emphasizing the life-saving advantages of wearing a seat belt regardless of seating position, this two-side palm card features both the Click It Or Ticket and 100% Buckle Up programs.

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