A Dashboard of Opioid-Related Data and Information


The New Jersey State Police deployed a state-of-the-art program across the state, developed by the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program (HIDTA) called the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Product (“ODMAP”).   ODMAP is an electronic mapping tool with easy visualization that allows authorized users to track the locations of suspected drug-involved overdoses and naloxone administrations by first responders in near real-time.  ODMAP is deployed in 21 counties, and currently has 7,872 authorized users. NJ CARES is in the process of sub-granting $679,550 in federal funds to five municipalities deemed by the Department of Law and Public Safety, in conjunction with Rutgers School of Social Work to be the most at-risk and in-need of crisis intervention for opioid addiction:  Camden, Newark, Paterson, Toms River, and Trenton.

The recipients are required to expend the grant money on the costs of incorporating ODMAP into their police departments’ ORT projects. ODMAP data will help police departments identify and engage with individuals with substance use disorder, and encourage them on a path toward recovery and away from incarceration. The data will also help officials  formulate targeted diversion strategies and identify communities that are being disproportionately affected by the opioid epidemic, while reducing the number of fatal overdoses.

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