Statement of Acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck on Today’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Upholding 2018 Immigrant Trust Directive

For Immediate Release: August 9, 2021

Office of The Attorney General
– Andrew J. Bruck, Acting Attorney General

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Third Circuit ITD Opinion
Immigrant Trust Directive

For three years, the Immigrant Trust Directive has helped us to foster trust between New Jersey’s police officers and the state’s historically marginalized communities by drawing a clear, bright line between the work of state law enforcement officers and federal civil immigration officers.

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit agreed that our approach is lawful. I hope this brings an end to this years-long litigation, as we continue doing the hard work of promoting good policing policy. New Jersey residents should never be afraid that interacting with our cops as victims and witnesses will lead to their deportation.


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