Paterson Police Department Announces New Leadership Roles in the Department

Paterson Police Department Announces New Leadership Roles in the Department

For Immediate Release: July 8, 2024

Paterson Police Department
Isa M. Abbassi, Officer-in-Charge

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PATERSON – The Paterson Police Department today announced changes to its leadership team. Six captains currently within the Field Services Bureau will receive new roles in the department. The new roles represent a change of structure at PPD to better position the department for future growth and efficiency of operation.

“These appointments represent a change in leadership philosophy,” said Officer in Charge Isa Abbassi. “Making sure that all of our executives have clearly defined roles and responsibilities will allow us to better serve the city of Paterson while ensuring accountability.”

Beginning July 8, 2024, the following assignments and designations will take effect:

  • Captain Michael Saginario is designated Commanding Officer, Field Services Bureau. Capt. Saginario oversees all forward-facing operations of the Paterson Police Department, including the Patrol Division, Traffic Division, and Emergency Response Team. He was previously the Executive Officer of the Field Services Bureau. Capt. Saginario has served with the PPD for more than 28 years.
  • Captain George Vasquez is assigned as the Citywide Operations Commander. Reporting directly to the Officer in Charge, the Citywide Operations Commander oversees all of the department’s patrol and investigative deployment strategies to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of effort. Capt. Vasquez is a 30-year veteran of the department and previously was the commanding officer of the Special Operations Division.
  • Captain Stephen Iacuzzo has been designated Commanding Officer of the Patrol Division. Capt. Iacuzzo will have direct responsibility for the uniformed patrol force in the city of Paterson which serves the city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Patrol Division is primarily responsible for answering 911 calls for service and conducting community engagement, directed patrol, and quality of life enforcement. Capt. Iacuzzo is a 25-year member of PPD. He recently graduated from the prestigious Policing Leadership Academy at the University of Chicago, the only police management and leadership education program in the country specifically designed for those at the level of commander.
  • Captain Louis DeLucca is assigned as the Executive Officer of the Patrol Division. In this role, Capt. DeLucca will serve as second in command of the largest segment of PPD’s sworn personnel. Capt. DeLucca is a 30-year member of the PPD and was previously assigned to the Professional Standards Division and also served as a duty captain within the Field Services Bureau.
  • Captain Steven Rooney is designated Commanding Officer of the Special Operations Division. Capt. Rooney will oversee specialized units within the Field Services Bureau, including the Traffic Unit and Emergency Response Team. He has been with the PPD since 1999. As a Sergeant he was assigned to the then newly created Emergency Response Team, where he spent 10 years as a team leader then eventually a team commander before most recently serving as a patrol captain.
  • Captain Scott Eason is designated Executive Officer of the Investigative Services Bureau. As second in command of all investigative functions of the department, Capt. Eason will ensure timely and effective coordination of investigative units and intelligence and information sharing with members of the Field Services Bureau and other law enforcement partners. Capt. Eason has been with the Paterson Police Department since 2000 and most recently served as a patrol duty captain.

With these assignments and designations, functions within the department will be streamlined and there will be more effective supervisory oversight on the day-to-day operations of PPD.