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Message from Officer in Charge Isa M. Abbassi

For over 157 years, the Paterson Police Department (PPD or the Department) has served this historic city. As the demand for change in the public safety culture of Paterson grows stronger, we must collectively envision a path forward—a path that serves this diverse community in the constitutionally-focused and responsible manner every resident and visitor to Paterson deserves.

The evolution toward the Next Generation (NEXTGEN) of policing in Paterson will be an exciting, yet challenging transition. This transition will require listening, discourse, reconciliation, and change. Most of all, it will require a willingness to move forward together.

As we embark on this journey to make the PPD NEXTGEN approach to public safety a reality, please allow me to share my vision of how the women and men of the PPD, by working together with this community and our public safety partners, can position our police department to lead the law enforcement profession into the NEXTGEN of policing and beyond.

I look forward to achieving this vision with you.


Isa Abbassi Signature
Isa M. Abbassi
Officer in Charge
Office of the Attorney General
Paterson Police Department


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