Paterson Police Officers Begin Carrying Contact Cards

Paterson Police Officers Begin Carrying Contact Cards

For Immediate Release: December 28, 2023

Paterson Police Department
Isa M. Abbassi, Officer-in-Charge

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Rob Rowan

Sample Contact Card

PATERSON — The Paterson Police Department today announced that officers are now carrying contact cards to hand out as they interact with community members throughout the city.

The front of the contact card features the officer’s rank, full name, and badge number.  The back features a QR code that when scanned takes the user to a Police Encounter Q&A page that includes commonly asked questions about police interactions. The page will also provide information on how to submit a complaint or a compliment regarding their interaction with a Paterson police officer.

“These contact cards are an important step forward in our effort to police constitutionally and increase transparency,” said Officer in Charge Isa Abbassi. “It will also allow our officers to better introduce themselves to members of the community and improve our customer service.”

These cards offer another level of accountability, where officers are instructed to hand out the cards to members of the community when they are asked for them. Community members can use them to more easily check on the status of police reports, know who they interacted with at incident scenes, and build relationships with the officers they see patrolling their neighborhoods.

Requiring officers to carry a sufficient number of “Contact Cards” on patrol and provide them to any person requesting one is one of the 55 goals and initiatives outlined in Officer in Charge Abbassi’s 2023 Strategic Plan for the Paterson Police Department. The Strategic Plan outlines the direction of the department to bring it into the next generation of policing.


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