Paterson Police Department Holds Promotion Ceremony for 16 Members of the Department

Paterson Police Department Holds Promotion Ceremony for 16 Members of the Department

For Immediate Release: May 8 2024

Paterson Police Department
Isa M. Abbassi, Officer-in-Charge

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Rob Rowan

PATERSON – Paterson Police Department Officer in Charge Isa Abbassi today announced 16 members of the department have been promoted to new ranks. One member has been promoted to the rank of captain, three to lieutenant, one to detective sergeant, eight to sergeant, and three to detective. Officer in Charge Abbassi, members of the PPD executive staff, and elected officials at the city, county, and state levels joined the friends and family members of the promoted officers to celebrate their accomplishments.

“In order for a department to be great, it needs great leadership,” said Officer in Charge Abbassi. “These newly promoted supervisors represent the new PPD.  They personify the change in culture, philosophy and style that will continue to move this department forward into the next generation of public safety and beyond.”

Saleh Judeh has been promoted to the rank of Captain. Kevin Kunzig, Angel Gonzalez and Anthony Castronova have been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Sean Reed has received the title of Detective Sergeant. Elbruz Dagistanli, Felipe Diaz, Benny Ramos, Levis Qirjako, David Affinito, Pedro Menacho, David Silva and Mustafa Dombayci have been promoted to Sergeant. Additionally, Ricardo Bruce, Jose Galvan and Nelson Paez have been elevated to the title of Detective.

Captain Judeh is a native Patersonian, growing up in South Paterson before joining the department in 2005. He will perform the critical role of Commanding Officer of the Professional Standards Division, where he will oversee the Internal Affairs and quality assurance functions of the PPD.

“These promotions are more than just new titles or adornments on uniforms,” continued Officer in Charge Abbassi. “They represent change. Making sure that police supervisors clearly understand what is expected is a critical first step toward changing culture and improving our product.”


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