Division of Administration

Division of Administration

William H. Cranford

William H. Cranford
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The Division of Administration (Administration) provides the Department with a solid foundation of the resources and support required to keep operations running efficiently.  Overseeing the areas of fiscal management, grant administration, support services, budget operations, information technology, compliance and ethics, general counsel, human resources, and citizen services, the Division makes sure that both the day to day functioning and the long term goals of the Department are met.  Providing excellent customer service, assistance, guidance, and support to the Department’s divisions and leadership are paramount to the Division’s mission.

In 2021, some of the highlights of Administration include:

  • Administered over 1,500 grants
  • Responded to over 10,000 referrals from constituents
  • Supported 89 internal and 17 external IT systems and applications
  • Processed over 800 new hires and promotions
  • Monitored 31 LPS locations

In 2022, Administration is looking forward to:

  • Expanding the Ethics  & Compliance unit to be able to adequately monitor, audit, and provide EEO services to the Department.
  • Assisting Divisions with the implementation of major upgrades to their system applications, working with Vendors and key stakeholders for a successful launch as well as assisting Divisions with modernization plans for end of life applications and software services, bringing all IT functions into the 21st Century and keeping things running smoothly.
  • Automating human resource processes to allow for more efficient and timely hiring of staff.
  • Building a better work environment with the remodeling of the Justice Complex, including new safe and modernly designed cubicles.
  • Working with Treasury and private landlords to maximize satellite office space, review lease terms, and reduce rent where possible.

For general inquiries regarding verification of employment or other non-recruitment related matters, contact OAG.HR@njoag.gov

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