File a Complaint

File a Complaint

The Attorney General’s Office investigates a broad range of misconduct across New Jersey, and many of these investigations begin with a complaint from the public. Different types of allegations are investigated by different entities with the Office, and so please review the list below when deciding where to file your complaint.

Depending on the nature of your allegations, an investigation may reach out to you for more information. Please keep in mind that, once the Attorney General’s Office opens an investigation, the details of that inquiry are confidential, and so the investigators will be unable to give you updates about the status of their review.

If you are reporting an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. For allegations of criminal conduct not described below, please contact your local police department.

  • Antitrust Violations (i.e., price fixing, bid rigging, no-poach and other allocation agreements, monopolies)The Attorney General investigates violations of the New Jersey Antitrust Act, which prohibits unreasonable restraints of trade and promotes competition in New Jersey File a Complaint
  • Bias Crimes
    The Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) investigates crimes motivated by prejudice against others based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or ethnicity. Rewards of up to $25,000 for tips leading to a bias crime conviction.
    Report Bias
  • Civil Rights Violations
    The Division on Civil Rights (DCR) investigates violations of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, one of the nation’s oldest and strongest civil rights laws, as well as violations of the New Jersey Family Leave Act, which provides job-protected time off for employees when they need to care for family members in certain situations.
    File a Complaint
  • Consumer Complaints
    DCA investigates general consumer complaints against NJ-based businesses.
    File a Complaint
  • Corruption
    The Office of Public Integrity & Accountability investigates public corruption and abuse of public office. Rewards of up to $25,000 for tips leading to a bias crime conviction.
    Report Corruption
  • Human Trafficking
    DCJ and the state’s County Prosecutors investigate human trafficking crimes.
  • Insurance Fraud
    The Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor offers rewards of up to [CONFIRM] for tips leading to a conviction for crimes involving insurance fraud, including fraud involving Medicaid, health insurance, automobile insurance and disability benefits.
    Report Insurance Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
    DCA’s Bureau of Securities regulates New Jersey’s securities industry, including broker-dealers and investment advisors. Report complaints here.
  • Juvenile Justice Commission Misconduct
    The Juvenile Justice Commission, Office of Investigations investigates complaints or allegations of misconduct by members of the Juvenile Justice Commission.
    Report a Complaint
  • Law Enforcement Misconduct
    The Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, Special Investigations Bureau investigates complaints or allegations of misconduct by members of the Division of Criminal Justice or where a conflict exists with other law enforcement agencies.
    File a Complaint
  • Licensed Professionals
    Through its 51 professional and occupational boards, DCA oversees the licensing of 720,000 professionals in New Jersey, including healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists, etc.) and tradespeople (electricians, plumbers, home improvement contractors, HVAC repair, etc.). To find out if DCA oversees a particular profession and accepts complaints, click here.