Asset Forfeiture Reports
Executive Order No. 211 Study
An analysis of the potential challenges and benefits of Criminal Justice Reform (11.30.16)

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Crime Reports
Fatal Accident Statistics
Juvenile Justice Commission Weekly Demographics and Statistics Reports
Kyleigh's Law Interim Report
Report on Design Professional Contracts in Use by New Jersey School Districts - October 2002
Report on Technology to Monitor Domestic Violence Offenders and their Victims
School Construction Bond Financing Review
State Police Consent Decree - Independent Monitors' Reports

The State Police Consent Decree was dissolved on September 21, 2009 

see 9/21/09 press release

Consent Decree (dissolved 2009)

State Progress/Status Summary Reports
Independent Monitors’ Reports
Seventeenth Monitors’ Report – 4/09 PDF
News Release
Sixteenth Monitors’ Report – 8/07 PDF
News Release
Fifteenth Monitors’ Report 1/07 PDF
Fourteenth Monitors’ Report 7/06 PDF
Thirteenth Monitors’ Report 12/05 PDF
News Release
Twelfth Monitors’ Report 7/05 PDF
News Release
Eleventh Monitors’ Report 12/04 PDF
Tenth Monitors’ Report 7/04 PDF
Ninth Monitors’ Report 1/04 PDF
Eighth Monitors’ Report 8/03 PDF
Seventh Monitors’ Report 1/03 PDF
Sixth Monitors’ Report 7/02 PDF
Fifth Monitors’ Report 1/01 PDF
Fourth Monitors’ Report 7/01 PDF
Third Monitors’ Report 4/01 PDF
Second Monitors’ Report 1/01 PDF
First Monitors’ Report 10/00 PDF
Aggregate Data Reports
State Police Settlement with the NAACP
State Police Review Team Reports
Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)
Fact Sheets




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