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Protecting New Jersey in Court Header Image

Protecting New Jersey in Court

The Attorney General protects the rights of New Jersey’s residents by standing up to corporate polluters, financial fraudsters, discriminatory employers—and when necessary, the federal government.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis Header Image

Fighting the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis cuts across every segment of New Jersey society, without regard to class, race, gender, or profession. The response must be equally far-reaching.

Combatting Gun Violence

Combatting Gun Violence

Over the past decade, nearly 5,000 New Jersey residents have been killed by guns. This is more than a tragedy. It’s also a public health crisis.

Strengthening Police-Community Relations

Strengthening Community Trust

New Jersey is advancing a new model for police-community relations—one built on trust, transparency, and accountability.

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As part of the #KnockOutOpioidAbuseDay Learning Series, @drugfreenj & #NJCares will host a webinar on 4/22 about where we stand in our fight against the opioid crisis, one year after #COVID19 began. Hear from Dr. Andrew Kolodny & join in the discussion:

We continue to bring gun traffickers to justice. Today we secured a 10-yr prison term for a man who illegally sold deadly weapons in Trenton. Through law enforcement collabs like this @NJSP investigation, we're working towards making our communities safer:

During the pandemic, fraudsters have been targeting seniors. Join us next week and learn about what we’re doing to hold perpetrators accountable, tips to prevent future exploitation and how victims can seek justice:

Every day we are working to reduce hate, bias, and discrimination here in NJ. But States can’t do it alone. That’s why a bipartisan coalition of 35 AGs is calling on Congress to make it easier for state and local law enforcement to combat hate crimes:


Proud to support @USDOL's efforts to withdraw two Trump-era rules that would make it easier for employers to deny workers protections and benefits. We've been working hard to protect workers’ rights and these actions are steps in the right direction:

DCR has been working since 1945 to build a more equitable state.

We’re continuing the discussion at our panel, “The LAD and the Future of Civil Rights,” tomorrow at 1pm. Join us!

#CivilRightsNJ #StopTheHate

Public contracts should be awarded based on merit and qualifications, not unlawful political contributions. PERIOD. Today, we’re holding a lawyer accountable for gaming the system:

Happy #Vaisakhi to all celebrating! This is a time for many to recommit ourselves to not only fighting for justice and equality, but also finding ways to serve and uplift our communities. Regardless of your tradition, let’s all commit to combatting injustice wherever we see it.

Searching for a rewarding career in public service? Our office is currently hiring attorneys! Join us for a virtual Attorney Career Fair tomorrow to learn more about the varied and diverse work our legal team does to serve New Jerseyans.

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Victim Information:

1) How to file a domestic violence restraining order; 2) resources for domestic violence victims; and 3) petitioning the court to dissolve the no contact order for defendants/juveniles released from custody due to public health emergency credits.

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