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Protecting New Jersey in Court Header Image

Protecting New Jersey in Court

The Attorney General protects the rights of New Jersey’s residents by standing up to corporate polluters, financial fraudsters, discriminatory employers—and when necessary, the federal government.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis Header Image

Fighting the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis cuts across every segment of New Jersey society, without regard to class, race, gender, or profession. The response must be equally far-reaching.

Combatting Gun Violence

Combatting Gun Violence

Over the past decade, nearly 5,000 New Jersey residents have been killed by guns. This is more than a tragedy. It’s also a public health crisis.

Strengthening Police-Community Relations

Strengthening Community Trust

New Jersey is advancing a new model for police-community relations—one built on trust, transparency, and accountability.

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After the attack in DC, we were shocked that ads for weapon accessories and armor were being served to Facebook users viewing content about the attack. It looks like Facebook was surprised too.

I have seen firsthand the real, lasting & deadly consequences that bullying can have on youth. Thankful to @kamaljeetskalsi for highlighting our experiences & the tools that allowed us to persevere. Grateful to work with @GovMurphy to address youth bias.

Exactly 3 years ago, I became NJ's 61st AG. Since then, it’s been an absolute honor to serve alongside @GovMurphy and 7,700 LPS employees who do extraordinary work to better the lives of our fellow residents. New challenges and opportunities await us in 2021 - Let’s get to work!

New year, new faces! Thrilled to address @Eagleton_RU’s Fellows, welcoming a new cohort of game-changers and problem-solvers to NJ State Government. We’re living in a world that would be hard to imagine a year ago, but I am confident that you will rise to meet these challenges.


In the last few months alone, we've taken more than a dozen actions to oppose the Trump Admin’s last minute environmental rollbacks.

We're not done yet, but here are some of the highlights:

☮️Stand up against hate!

@NewJerseyOAG invites students to submit artwork— slogans, paintings, videos —that will inspire their peers to end hate

🙌Winning projects will become part of a statewide campaign by the Division on Civil Rights

▶️To enter:

Due to the persistent use of firefighting foam, toxic chemicals have contaminated water supplies on & around US military bases in NJ, putting the health of our military & residents at risk. We're calling on the feds to clean up their decades-old mess:

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Learn more about how to identify traffickers around you and help protect yourself and your friends at the right time. Visit #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth

Today, @NJSP honored Detective Richard Hershey as Trooper Of The Year. In times of uncertainty, one thing's for certain - our troopers always step up to keep us safe. Det. Hershey's heroic actions during a home invasion undoubtedly protected residents & prevented further tragedy.

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Victim Information:

1) How to file a domestic violence restraining order; 2) resources for domestic violence victims; and 3) petitioning the court to dissolve the no contact order for defendants/juveniles released from custody due to public health emergency credits.

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