Victim Witness Services

Victim Witness Services

Victim Witness Services

Victim Witness Services – Welcome

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Assistance to Victims & Witnesses in Division of Criminal Justice cases
Understanding Victims’ Rights
State and County Resources for Victims

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“A victim of a crime shall be treated with fairness, compassion and respect by the criminal justice system. A victim of a crime shall not be denied the right to be present at public judicial proceedings except when, prior to completing testimony as a witness, the victim is properly sequestered in accordance with law or the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey. A victim of a crime shall be entitled to those rights and remedies as may be provided by the Legislature.”

New Jersey Constitutional Amendment for Victims Rights (N.J. Const., art. I, para. 22)

Victim Information:

1) How to file a domestic violence restraining order; 2) resources for domestic violence victims; and 3) petitioning the court to dissolve the no contact order for defendants/juveniles released from custody due to public health emergency credits.