Non-Attorney Positions

Non-Attorney Positions

The Department of Law & Public Safety offers a wide range of job opportunities for those without a law degree. These jobs span all education levels and types of experience. A sampling of the most common positions are listed below.

  • Law enforcement personnel. The Department is home to the state’s largest law enforcement agency: the New Jersey State Police. The State Police employs more than 3,000 State Troopers and 1,500 civilians who specialize in a wide variety of public safety responsibilities. In addition, three of the Department’s Divisions employ detectives who investigate criminal activity: the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), the Office of Public Integrity & Accountability (OPIA), and the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP).
  • Civil investigators. A number of the Department’s Divisions employ civil investigators, who work with attorneys to investigate violations of state law. Each Division specializes in different types of investigations: for example, the Division on Civil Rights (DCR) investigates claims of discrimination and bias; the Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) investigates violations of the state’s consumer protection and securities laws; and the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) ensures compliance with the state’s alcohol laws.
  • Regulatory personnel. Many of the Department’s Divisions issue rules and regulations implementing state laws, including DCA, DCR, ABC, the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), and the New Jersey Racing Commission (NJRC). These Divisions employ regulatory personnel – usually with the Civil Service title of “Legal Specialist” – to review, draft, and update these regulations.
  • Paralegals. Several Divisions employ paralegals, including DCJ, OPIA, OIFP, and the Division of Law (DOL). Generally speaking, paralegals in the Department of Law and Public Safety are appointed to the unclassified Civil Service title “Attorney Assistant.”
  • Professional and Administrative support personnel. The Department employs a wide range of professional and administrative personnel, including those specializing in human resources, information technology, facilities management, grant-making, budgeting, and fiscal analysis. Many of these positions are available in the Department’s Division of Administration (DOA). In addition, all of the Department’s Divisions employ administrative assistants and other clerical staff.
  • Juvenile justice professionals. The Department is home to the Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC), which operates a statewide network of secure facilities and residential community homes for juveniles. JJC employs not only correctional officers, but also a wide range of professionals and support personnel who assist with juvenile education, rehabilitation, and reentry as productive members of society.
  • Professional Trades. The Department hires a variety of tradespeople, especially to assist with the day-to-day operations of the JJC’s facilities. Among those employed by the Department are carpenters, mechanics, boiler operators, teachers, cooks, and drivers.

Job Titles

Classifications, and


All non-attorney positions are classified in titles according to Civil Service rules. Most job title are in the career service where compensations is set according to the Compensation Compendium for the bargaining unit and class code associated with each title for the corresponding work week.  This information is located at the bottom of each job specification for the referenced job title.  Pursuant to Civil Service rules and instructions in the Civil Service Compensation Compendium, individuals are hired at Step 1 in the range, but may be hired up to Step 4 with justification of extraordinary qualifications and experience.


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