New Jersey State Police – Traffic Stop Data Dashboard

New Jersey State Police – Traffic Stop Data Dashboard

By statute, the Attorney General’s Office is required to periodically publish aggregate data of New Jersey State Police motor vehicle stops.  For a more detailed history of the statutory requirements, visit the Office of Law Enforcement Professional Standards (OLEPS) website.  After collecting traffic stop data for over a decade and publishing written reports, the Attorney General’s Office has now created an online “Dashboard” that presents this extensive dataset in a variety of visual and interactive displays.

This Dashboard includes graphical representations that illustrate trends over time about the reasons a state trooper stopped a motor vehicle, and the actions—if any—the trooper(s) took after the motor vehicle stop with respect to driver/passengers.  Throughout, the information is broken out by driver race.  The Dashboard only includes State Police events classified as a motor vehicle stop; events classified in other categories such as calls for service are not included.

Operated by the Attorney General’s Office and developed in partnership with SAS Data Analytics, this Dashboard provides one of the most comprehensive statewide database in the country for traffic stop information.  Researchers, reporters, and members of the public can access the Dashboard through the link below and view the data—organized by a variety of metrics—on 6 million traffic stops occurring over more than ten years in New Jersey.  Within the Dashboard, users can also download the full dataset for their own review.

The Dashboard continues to be a work in progress, and the Attorney General’s Office encourages users to complete a short survey at the link below to provide feedback on how to improve the site.

Please note that New Jersey State Police Traffic Stop Data Dashboard remains a work in progress. If you have feedback on the Dashboard, please email For users on a mobile browser, please download the SAS Visual Analytics App from your device app store before proceeding to the dashboard.