Office of Law Enforcement Professional Standards

OLEPS Aggregate Reports of Traffic Enforcement Activities

OLEPS Aggregate Reports of Traffic Enforcement Activities

The Law Enforcement Professional Standards Act of 2009 (N.J.S.A. 52:17B-222 et seq.) (the “Act”) requires that the Office of Professional Standards (“OLEPS”), within the Office of the Attorney General, publish aggregate data of New Jersey State Police motor vehicle stops.  To satisfy this requirement, OLEPS, in partnership with SAS Data Analytics, created a State Police Motor Vehicle Stop Dashboard that provides data regarding the reason the trooper stopped a motor vehicle, and what actions the trooper(s) took after the motor vehicle stop against the driver and/or passengers.  It also indicates the race of the driver.  The Dashboard only includes State Police events classified as a motor vehicle stop; events classified in other categories such as calls for service are not included.

This Dashboard contains data relating to over 6 million State Police motor vehicle stops and activity that occurred during some of those motor vehicle stops from January 1, 2009 to May 31, 2021, and will be updated approximately every six-months.

As statutorily mandated, the Dashboard illustrates State Police motor vehicle stop activities and trends, and provides information on:

  • Number of stops State Police conducted, and
  • Reason for the motor vehicle stops

The Dashboard also identifies any enforcement actions involving the driver and/or passengers of the vehicle stopped, including:

  • Summonses issued
  • Warnings issued
  • Arrests
  • Consent searches conducted
  • Probable cause searches
  • Uses of force
  • Vehicle exits
  • Frisks, and
  • Canine deployments

The Dashboard also includes information regarding:

  • Number and type of criminal charges filed
  • Evidence seizures ,and
  • Wanted persons taken into custody

Information regarding the reason for the motor vehicle stop and the actions of the State Police trooper(s) after the stop can be filtered by driver race, State Police Troop (A, B, C, D, Other), and station name on most pages, with additional filters appearing on other pages.

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