Office of Law Enforcement Professional Standards

Our Director

Our Director

Christina M. Glogoff, Director

Christina M. Glogoff, AAG

Christina Glogoff has been the director of OLEPS since 2011. Under her leadership, the office was reorganized to more effectively meet its core mission of ensuring the integrity of law enforcement practices and of promulgating transparency by publishing the office’s findings on law enforcement practices. As recognized by the State Office of the Comptroller, under Director Glogoff’s leadership, the office has “come to be a repository for institutional knowledge of NJSP issues and its staff has gained expertise in overseeing the NJSP process regarding motor vehicle stops and post-stop enforcement activity.”  In 2016, the New Jersey Law Journal named her a Top Women in Law. Read Article

Prior to becoming director, Glogoff served as a deputy attorney general in the Division of Law. She joined the Division in 1999, after five years in private practice. As a DAG, Glogoff served as the primary legal counsel for the NJSP on employment, civil rights, tort and licensing matters before the federal, state and administrative courts. She provided legal representation to the Administrative Office of the Courts and was responsible for overseeing the representation of county prosecutors’ offices in suits arising from law enforcement and investigative activities.

Director Glogoff graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991, and is a 1994 cum laude graduate of Tulane School of Law.

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