Attorney General Platkin Announces the Launch of the New “ARRIVE Together Dashboard”

Data Available Through the Dashboard Will Offer Valuable Insights into the Program

For Immediate Release: March 20, 2024

Office of the Attorney General
– Matthew J. Platkin, Attorney General
Office of Alternative and Community Responses
– Tiffany Wilson, Director
Office of Justice Data
– Kristin Golden, PhD, Chief Data Officer

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ARRIVE Together Dashboard

TRENTON – Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, the Office of Alternative and Community Responses, and the Office of Justice Data announced today the launch of a new comprehensive public dashboard for the Alternative Responses to Reduce Instances of Violence and Escalation (ARRIVE) Together program.  Since December of 2021, there have been almost 2,800 ARRIVE Together interactions. The new dashboard is designed to provide the public with critical information related to the impactful work being done by ARRIVE Together teams across the State.

The ARRIVE Together Dashboard is an innovative new platform that marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the ARRIVE Together program. The ARRIVE Together program—a partnership between mental health professionals, law enforcement, and the community—is a multi-model program designed to provide mental health services and support to individuals experiencing a mental health emergency or in need of mental health or behavioral health services. The program models include: co-response, follow-up, telehealth, and affirmative outreach efforts. From its inception, ARRIVE Together has been a community-informed program that is developed in accordance with each community’s unique needs. The new dashboard allows the public to see the important work being done through ARRIVE Together, the program’s impact across the State, while also ensuring data-driven decision-making as the program grows.

“With Governor Murphy’s and the Legislature’s continued commitment and financial support, we’ve proudly pioneered the nation’s first statewide alternative response program,” said Attorney General Platkin. “Now, our new public dashboard enhances transparency and provides crucial insights into the life-saving work that our ARRIVE Together teams perform each day. The ARRIVE Together Dashboard provides valuable information to the public on the program, and essential data that will allow us to continue to tailor the program to meet the needs of each community.”

The ARRIVE Together Dashboard provides public access to information on the ARRIVE Together teams’ interactions with individuals in need. Information on ARRIVE Together interactions are anonymized but include the nature of the initial 911 call for co-response teams, information relating to the teams’ follow-up and affirmative outreach efforts, reported outcomes arising out of each ARRIVE Together interaction, observed behaviors of those involved in ARRIVE Together encounters, and certain demographic information of the individuals involved.

“The launch of the new dashboard is a significant leap forward in our commitment to data-driven public safety solutions,” said Tiffany Wilson, Director of the Office of Alternative and Community Responses. “This platform will provide insight into how ARRIVE Together is doing on its goal to improve interactions and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. The dashboard will also allow us to share what we are learning with the public and others interested in this transformational work, and to build on what we learn for future expansions of ARRIVE Together and other alternative response programs.”

“The ARRIVE Together program not only represents groundbreaking work in law enforcement and mental health partnerships it also represents how we are turning data into action.” said Kristin Golden, Chief Data Officer of the Office of Justice Data. “Our use of force data highlighted a clear need to connect persons experiencing potential mental health or substance use related emergencies with quality care in an efficient manner. That need was instrumental in the creation of the ARRIVE Together program. Now, the ARRIVE Together Dashboard continues New Jersey’s data forward approach to public safety, publicly sharing information on this very important program.”

Originally piloted in December 2021 as a co-response program with the New Jersey State Police in Cumberland County, in partnership with the Cumberland County Guidance Center, ARRIVE Together has rapidly expanded its footprint across the State using a variety of models, designed in partnership with the community to match community needs and resources. Today, ARRIVE Together programs operate in every county in New Jersey, serving almost half of the State’s population. In the two years that the program has been operating in New Jersey, there have been no arrests as a result of an ARRIVE interaction, a dramatic reduction to the use of force, increased utilization of mental health services, and an elimination of racial disparities across outcomes.

The launch of the ARRIVE Together Dashboard underscores the Office of the Attorney General’s continued commitment to innovation in public safety and to transparency as the program continues to evolve and expand.

To learn more about the ARRIVE Together program and the current models operating across the State, please visit


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