Megan’s Law Rules of Conduct – Business

Megan’s Law Rules of Conduct – Businesses

If you have received a notification flyer from law enforcement that there is a convicted sex offender living in this neighborhood. You must comply with the following rules:

You may do the following:

1. Do show and discuss the information you have received with your full-time employees.
2. Do show the Notification Flyer with your security officers who are employed by your business at this location.
3. Do keep the copy of the Notification Flyer you have received in a secure location which is not accessible to the public.
4. You should remain alert for the presence of this individual in the vicinity.
5. If you believe that you have seen this individual in the vicinity and have a reasonable belief that the offender represents a threat to those under your care or supervision, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.

Doing the following is inappropriate and may result in court action or prosecution being taken against you:

1. Do not share the information in this notification flyer, or the flyer itself, with anyone who is who is not a regular employee of your business.
2. Do not share the information in this notification flyer, or the flyer itself, with the media.
3. Do not post the flyer in a public location, or display it in a place where it is visible to persons who are not employees of your business.
4. Do not attempt to harm the offender or his/her property. Do not attempt to harass the offender or make unsolicited, unwanted contact. If you believe the individual is a physical threat to you or children in your care, please contact your local police.
5. Do not take any action against the offender’s family, household members or employer that may in any way harm or harass a person or property.

This flyer is provided to you for the sole purpose of giving you information that can assist you in exercising your supervisory obligations. This information may be publicly available and updated by means of the Internet at the following site: Click onto the NJ Sex Offender Registry icon. Law enforcement will notify all appropriate community members, schools, organizations, residences and businesses. If you are not certain whether sharing the notification flier with a particular individual or disclosing the notification information would be appropriate under particular circumstances, you should contact the Megan’s Law Unit in the County Prosecutor’s Office, at for specific direction.

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