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Community Relations Unit

The Community Relations Unit seeks to proactively prevent acts of discrimination and bias-based harassment through education and inclusive community engagement and to work directly with impacted communities after civil rights incidents occur.

The Director of Outreach and Community Relations and the Community Relations Specialists:

  • Foster public awareness about civil rights in New Jersey through partnership, prevention, and problem-solving;
  • Work with stakeholders in various communities to plan courageous conversations, conferences, town halls, programs and events to prevent bias and discrimination;
  • Collaborate with partners on civil rights related community initiatives;
  • Develop programs responsive to different communities’ and different stakeholders’ needs, including trauma informed practices;
  • Promote tolerance and understanding while protecting the rights of diverse communities;
  • Provide high quality, equity centered presentations, workshops, trainings, and resources to members of the public;
  • Represent the Division at public forums and community events across the state; and
  • Respond in communities following major civil rights incidents, including through mediation, restorative justice practices, community dialogue and training.


Click here to contact the Community Relations Unit with questions, suggestions, or requests for participation in an event or initiative.

Click here to view civil rights fact sheets.

Click here to access previous and upcoming community events.

Click here to learn more about how to report a possible civil rights violation.

The Community Relations Unit is headed by

Tee Leonardo-Santiago
Director of Outreach and Community Relations
(609) 775-3682

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