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COVID-19 Notice

To minimize risk from COVID-19, DCR is no longer conducting in-person intake interviews. In order to file a complaint with DCR, you must first submit an intake form. You can submit the intake form:


  • Online by creating an account and using the NJ Bias Investigation Access System (NJBIAS)
  • By calling 1.833.NJDCR4U and asking our trained professionals to assist you in filling out the intake form.
  • In addition, the deadline for filing a complaint with DCR has been extended until 30 days after the public health emergency ends, which will be January 31, 2022. If you allege that you were subjected to a violation of the N.J. Law Against Discrimination or the N.J. Family Leave Act on or after September 11, 2019, you must file a complaint with DCR by January 31, 2022. On January 31, 2022, the statute of limitations will once again revert to 180 days from the day the incident occurred. To find out more about filing a complaint with DCR, click here.


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Covid-19 Discrimination
Covid-19 Race Discrimination
Covid-19 Gender Identity Discrimination
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