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Education and Training Unit

The Education and Training Unit seeks to proactively educate the public about the Law Against Discrimination and how to recognize and prevent acts of discrimination and bias-based harassment through interactive virtual and in-person trainings.

The Director of Education and Training and the Education and Training Specialists:

  • Provide training for employers, housing providers, and places of public accommodation (including educators) on the Law Against Discrimination;
  • Work to prevent discrimination and bias-based incidents by addressing real world situations through authentic conversations;
  • Commit to anti-racist education, as set forth in the DCR Anti-Racist Statement, for all stakeholders in the State;
  • Conduct training on implicit bias for all stakeholders in the State including, but not limited to, educators, medical professionals, employers and housing providers;
  • Provide training on sexual harassment and hostile work environments;
  • Uphold the recommendations set forth in the Youth Bias Task Force Report;
  • Provide high quality, equity centered presentations, workshops, trainings, and resources to members of the public; and
  • Represent the Division at public forums and community events across the state.

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