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Social Media

On this page you will find resources for promoting #NJGangFree messaging on Social Media. Social media is growing and developing at an extremely fast rate. Understanding and properly utilizing social media is essential when engaging youth. This type of youth outreach will maintain their interest and popularize the brand #NJGangFree.

Social Media Tips

  • Make sure to use the #NJGangFree hashtag when sharing these materials.
  • It’s ok to think outside of the box! The suggested posts can be changed to match your agency or community.
  • Posting consistently will help your content be more visible to people.
  • Follow more accounts for similar information and updated:
    • NJ US Attorney: @USAO_NJ
    • NJSP – State Police: @NJSP
    • New Jersey Office of Emergency Management: @ReadyNJ
  • Use the Free 2B Me logo to share what your community is doing to reduce youth gang involvement.

Sample Social Media Posts:

  • Parents play an essential role in keeping young people out of gangs. Talk to your child about the negative consequences of gang behaviors and ways to avoid them. Learn more about staying #NJGangFree at
  • Talking to your child about ways to deal with pressure from friends is one way to keep them #NJGangFree. Learn more about staying #NJGangFree at
  • What changes can I look for to know if my child is at risk or is in a gang? Excessive worry about safety; constantly surveying surroundings for danger is just one of them. Learn more about staying #NJGangFree at
  • What can schools do to help prevent youth from joining gangs? Provide students with opportunities to practice refusal skills. Create realistic scenarios and allow young people to role-play appropriate responses. Learn more about staying #NJGangFree at
  • Schools are not only charged with the socialization of young people but they also drive the economic and social development of the communities in which they are located. Learn more about staying #NJGangFree at
  • We have four key principles that practitioners and policymakers should keep in mind when developing evidence-based strategies and programs to help keep youth #NJGangFree here:
  • We often think youth are coerced into a gang, but in most cases, this is not true. Youth are drawn to gangs because they provide social opportunities. Learn more about #NJGangFree at
  • For many young people who feel disconnected from the American dream, the economic opportunities of gang membership offer an acceptable alternative to a low-wage job in the legitimate employment arena. Learn more about why youth are attracted to gangs with #NJGangFree at
  • Youth who feel marginalized, rejected, or ignored — in the family, school, or church — may join a gang to fill a need for support. Learn more about why youth are attracted to gangs with #NJGangFree at
  • While youth in gangs are more likely to be exposed to violence than youth that don’t, many young people who believe that joining a gang will protect them from violence in school or the community. Learn more about why youth are attracted to gangs with #NJGangFree at
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