Access to Opioid Data


A Dashboard of Opioid-Related Data and Information

Kelly E. Levy
Acting Director

Access to Opioid Data

NJ CARES is dedicated to providing the public with a snapshot of the state’s opioid crisis and a breakdown of how each county is being affected. The website includes updates on suspected fatal drug-overdoses, deployments of the life-saving overdose antidote “naloxone”, the number of opioid prescriptions being written, and other data related to the opioid crisis. The NJ CARES website equips the public with a better understanding of how the opioid addiction crisis is impacting their counties. It alerts them to emerging threats, trends, and issues so they can  better protect themselves and their loved ones.

NJ CARES Opioid-Related-Indicators
Drug-Related Deaths
Drug-Related Deaths - Monthly Averages