Access to Treatment


A Dashboard of Opioid-Related Data and Information

Kelly E. Levy
Acting Director

Access to Treatment

NJ CARES recognizes the critical need to expand access to treatment for people suffering from addiction, and is working on the state, county, and local levels to link people in crisis to care.  We regularly collaborate with public and private entities, e.g., mental health and substance use advocates, institutions of higher education, medical providers, public health officials, court officials, and medical licensing bodies, on a wide range of issues and strategies.  For instance, NJ CARES is partnering with county law enforcement officials across the State to connect persons suffering from substance use disorder with recovery specialists who can navigate them into appropriate care.  NJ CARES is also partnering with municipal police departments to assemble emergency response teams consisting of local police officers, recovery coaches, and EMTs to respond to persons in crisis and connect them to treatment and recovery services.

To learn more about how NJ CARES is increasing access to treatment, visit Our Grants.

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