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Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control

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 The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) regulates the manufacture, distribution, sale, and transportation of all alcoholic beverages in New Jersey. ABC’s statutory mission is to regulate and control the alcoholic beverage industry in order to foster moderation and responsibility in consumption of alcoholic beverages, to protect the citizens of New Jersey by assuring lawful, proper, and fair trade practices to maintain the stability of the industry, and protect the collection of state taxes imposed on alcoholic beverages.

Important Notice from ABC Concerning
Ad Interim Permits for 2020-2021 License Term
Rev. 8/31/2020

  • If a licensee is unable to complete the renewal process or a municipality is unable to act on a renewal by September 30, 2020, the licensee must apply for an Ad Interim Permit. The application will be available beginning September 14, 2020 only at POSSE online. Failure to submit a complete application online and pay all required fees will result in rejection of the application. In person visits to ABC are not permitted and under no circumstance will the Division accept a paper application for an Ad Interim Permit. For details, please see ABC Advisory Notice (“AN”) 2020-07. DAG Amy Beth Cohn, (609) 376-9672 or DAG Ray Lamboy, (609) 376-2774 are available to answer Ad Interim questions. For information on tax clearance, contact the New Jersey Division of Taxation at
    Please note this is the preferred method of contact for tax clearance issues.

ABC General Covid-19 Information
Rev. 10/7/2020

  • Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing. Pursuant to Special Ruling (“SR”) 2020-03, the Division allowed plenary distillery and craft distillery licensees to manufacture hand sanitizer for as long as the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”) Public Guidance 2020-1A remained in effect. That guidance, which was originally scheduled to expire on June 30, 2020, has been extended through December 31, 2020. Therefore, SR 2020-03 continues to be valid, and all provisions of that Special Ruling shall continue to apply. Questions about SR 2020-03 should be directed to DAG Paul T. Urbish at 609 376 9635
  • Effective September 4, 2020, all licensees with retail consumption privileges may offer indoor service limited to 25% of their indoor capacity. With limited exceptions, face coverings are required by owners, employees and patrons. Customers must be seated to consume food or beverages. Social distancing must be observed. For important details see, Executive Order 183 and DOH Health and Safety Standards for Indoor Dining
  • Consumption licensees may continue to offer service in outdoor areas provided they comply with the Governor’s Executive Orders and NJ DOH Covid 19 Protocols for Food or Beverage Service in Outdoor Areas NJDOH Executive Directive 20-014.
  • Licensees that fail to comply with Executive Orders will be subject to ABC enforcement action. Report violations to local police or ABC at 866-713-8392
  • Effective immediately, with limited exceptions, individuals in outdoor public areas must wear face covers. Individuals in licensed outdoor areas at bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, or distilleries must wear face covers except when eating or drinking. Customers picking up takeout orders or using restrooms or otherwise inside the premises must wear face covers. Licensees must provide face covers and gloves to all food service personnel..
  • Outdoor areas include any open air space that either (1) has no roof or cover or (2) a fixed roof or temporary/seasonal covering/awning, with at least two open sides that would comprise over 50% of the total wall space if the space were fully enclosed. Executive Order 163.
  • Clubs: Effective immediately, Executive Order 153 allows public and private clubs to open their outdoor areas only. Clubs with liquor licenses are eligible for the new Expansion of Premise permit.
  • New Expansion of Premise Permit: Pursuant to Special Ruling 2020-10 licensees may expand their service to outdoor areas. Covid 19 restrictions must be observed. This new permit is available to all licensees with retail consumption privileges. The permit allows licensees to expand their licensed footprint to nearby property to accommodate social distancing. The permit is valid until November 30. There is a one-time $75 fee. ABC is accepting permit applications exclusively through POSSE online. Applications must be endorsed by municipal clerk and police chief through the POSSE portal. No paper applications.
  • Cocktails to Go: Certain consumption licensees are permitted to sell for off premise consumption mixed drinks in up to 16 oz. containers with tamper evident seals. Disposable paper or plastic cups or lids that have holes are not permitted. No one may transport alcoholic beverages for a licensee without an ABC Transit Insignia except carriers with a valid ABC transportation permit. Formal guidance is in Advisory Notice 2020-06.
  • Licensed bars and restaurants may continue to offer take-out or delivery during regular posted business hours..
  • Credit and return regulations have been relaxed pursuant to Special Rulings posted to the left.
  • The term of all municipal and State liquor licenses and permits has been extended to Sept. 30, 2020. Renewals are now available on POSSE.
  • Unless otherwise required by statute or regulation, all documents sent to the ABC should be submitted by email in PDF format to the appropriate ABC Bureau or staff member. Routine filing of paper documents is discouraged. In some cases. Any paper document sent to ABC by mail must also be accompanied by a PDF version on electronic media such as a thumb drive or by email. Please note that at this time OAG-L&PS will not accept submission of an OPRA request by fax or email, but general correspondence can be sent to ABCPublic@njoag.gov.
  • No in person visits to ABC offices are permitted without an appointment. ABC staff will be available for telephone or video conferences. Applicants and licensees are encouraged to make payments due to ABC by E-check or credit card.
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