Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control

ABC Enforcement Bureau

ABC Enforcement Bureau

What Does the Enforcement Bureau Do?

The primary responsibility of the Enforcement Bureau is to institute disciplinary proceedings against licensees and permittees who violate ABC laws or regulations. In its capacity as the prosecutorial arm of the Division of ABC, the Bureau’s objectives are to increase compliance with applicable laws, protect the collection of taxes and maintain trade stability in the industry.

The Bureau reviews reports of violations by licensees of the ABC laws and regulations. Upon a determination of a violation, the Bureau institutes disciplinary proceedings. The type of violation charged and penalty imposed is dependent upon the seriousness of the violation and the prior history of the violator. Serious and continuous violations by licensee/permittee can lead to suspension of license, monetary offers in lieu of suspension or revocation of license. Less serious infractions, especially when committed by first offenders, are dealt with by monetary penalties and warnings.

The prosecutorial responsibility of the Enforcement Bureau is supported by the ABC Investigations Bureau.

Call 866-713-8392 – to report illegal activity to the Investigative Unit.

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