Formed under the Criminal Justice Act of 1970, the Division of Criminal Justice is the extension of the Attorney General’s role as the State’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

New Jersey’s unified, integrated system of law enforcement is unique in the nation. The Criminal Justice Act of 1970 designated the Attorney General as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the State. The Division of Criminal Justice, on behalf of the Attorney General, provides a variety of functions pertaining to the administration of criminal justice.

Primarily, the Division is charged with the responsibility to detect, enforce and prosecute the criminal business of the State through the uniform and efficient administration of our criminal laws. In addition to its direct law enforcement operations, the Division provides oversight and coordination within New Jersey’s law enforcement community.

The activities of the Division are conducted through a staff consisting of deputy attorneys general, detectives and professional personnel.

It is the goal of the Division of Criminal Justice to coordinate law enforcement efforts and cooperate to share resources within criminal justice communities on the state, county and municipal levels, to ensure the safety and security of all New Jersey citizens.

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