Division of Criminal Justice

DCJ Training Academy

DCJ Training Academy


The DCJ Academy, a Police Training Commission certified academy, conducts a wide range of in-service and pre-service training programs for the state’s law enforcement and criminal justice communities, including state and county investigators, deputy attorneys general, assistant prosecutors, municipal and county police, police executives, arson investigators, and corrections personnel.

To help ensure that all prosecutor’s offices are receiving uniform training, the Academy has become the sole provider of all basic training for county prosecutors’ detectives and investigators, as well as basic training for state investigators. In addition, a one-week basic training program is conducted for all newly-appointed assistant prosecutors.

The Academy also conducts programs, such as arson investigation courses, police internal affairs training, physical conditioning instructor training, and firearms instructor courses, which are required by state statute or directive, as well as many other specialized programs not available at local and county training facilities. Among the specialized programs are a community policing program, a police chiefs orientation program, police management workshops, and crime analysis for police officers.

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