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Division of Criminal Justice Home

The Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) is responsible for investigating and prosecuting violations of New Jersey criminal laws. With more than 150 detectives and 100 prosecutors, DCJ investigates criminal activity across the state, focusing on high-impact cases that require significant or highly specialized investigative resources. In addition, DCJ assists the Attorney General in his role as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, which pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act of 1970 gives the Attorney General broad supervisory authority over New Jersey’s 21 County Prosecutor’s Offices and the state’s 38,000 law enforcement officers. DCJ provides statewide training for prosecutors and law enforcement officers, and administers the Police Training Commission.

Victim Information:

1) How to file a domestic violence restraining order; 2) resources for domestic violence victims; and 3) petitioning the court to dissolve the no contact order for defendants/juveniles released from custody due to public health emergency credits.

General COVID-19 Information
Information for Law Enforcement Officers

AG Directive 2020-4 Firearms Requalification – Directive Revising Firearms Qualification and Requalification Standards for New Jersey Law Enforcement

AG Directive 2020-3 Allocation Policy – Directive Regarding Non-Prosecution of Healthcare Facilities and Professionals Adhering to Triage Protocols During COVID-19 Pandemic

AG Directive 2020-2 Deadlines – Directive Updating Certain Reporting, Training, and Certification Deadlines

AG Directive 2020-1 REV. 4.11.20 – Directive Instructing All Law Enforcement Agencies And Officers On The Appropriate Use Of COVID-19 Information From Public Health Officers

Guidance to Law Enforcement to Protect Public and Meet Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic

Protecting Officers During Covid-19

Forms For Attorney General Directive Strengthening Oversight of Municipal Court Prosecutions

[Law Enforcement Directive 2019-7]
Municipal Prosecutor Disclosure Statement
Municipal Prosecutor Separation Statement

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