Division of Gaming Enforcement

Slot Laboratory – Techinical Services Bureau

Slot Laboratory – Techinical Services Bureau

The Technical Services Bureau (TSB) ensures not only the integrity of electronic gaming equipment, but also the integrity of Internet gaming systems used in the State of New Jersey.  The Bureau consists of an Engineering Unit, Cyber Security and Analytics Unit, Information Technology Investigations Unit, and a Quality Assurance Unit.  These units work together to ensure gaming products are fair and compliant with regulatory requirements.  In order to ensure the integrity of these products, each must be approved by our slot lab and then must undergo verification prior to its use.

The Engineering Unit operates the slot laboratory.  The slot laboratory is responsible for testing and approving all games and gaming equipment offered to patrons as well as their associated systems. Examples of products that TSB tests are skill based games, electronic table games, Internet gaming systems, as well as Internet and land based slot games.  To meet the increasing complexity and diversity present within the gaming industry, the Engineering Unit employs highly skilled engineers, statisticians, and computer scientists that have a thorough understanding of electronics, math, and programming, and can quickly adapt to changing technology.

The Cyber Security and Analytics Unit (CSAU) leverages the latest tools and techniques to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of land based and Internet gaming systems in the State of New Jersey.  CSAU checks critical system components offered to ensure what is available to the public is approved.  CSAU analyzes a vast array of casino data to detect potential fraudulent or malicious activity.   In addition, CSAU is responsible for responding to cyber security threats and coordinating responses with other appropriate state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies.

The Information Technology Investigations Unit (ITIU) conducts regulatory investigations and assists other bureaus within and outside of the Division.  ITIU is responsible for conducting audits of land based and Internet gaming systems to ensure continued compliance with the Division’s regulations.  In addition, ITIU is tasked with reviewing and investigating Internet gaming related patron complaints received by the Division.

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is responsible for receiving and processing all incoming submissions. QAU monitors the submission tracking system and retains all documentation related to Division testing.  In addition, QAU works closely with Division field representatives to ensure only approved games are offered by the casino industry.

Submission Requests

The TSB has eliminated mandatory forms in an effort to ease the submission process and to encourage manufacturers to bring the latest products to New Jersey.  Each new prototype submitted for Division testing and/or approval shall include complete documentation and/or equipment as described below:

General documentation which includes:
Detailed operation and/or service manuals;
A summary describing game play and/or system features; and
A description of fault conditions
Hardware documentation which includes:
Description of hardware devices used, including part numbers when applicable;
A block diagram of the major subsystems;
A complete set of schematics for all subsystems when applicable; and
A description of the use and function of all dip switch settings or selectable options when applicable.
Software documentation which includes:
Operating system used;
Software version;
Source code of software;
The identification of all critical software of the gaming device or system. Critical software refers to software that impact game outcome, the calculation of revenue, and/or the overall integrity of the gaming device or system.
Method of compliance with alterable media standards;
Intended method for field authentication of critical software files; and
Communication protocols utilized.
Pay table documentation which includes;
A mathematical explanation of the theoretical return to the player which shall include all assumptions, probability models, and methods used;
Percentage calculation sheets;
Color copies of the pay glass;
Virtual stops;
Physical stops;
Reel strip images;
Symbol weights;
Denomination(s) available;
Minimum and maximum wagers;
Complete emulation instructions;
Breakpoints necessary to emulate pays to each potential game outcome; and
Program software images;
Random Number Generator (RNG) documentation which shall include:
A description of the RNG used to determine game outcome;
A detailed explanation of operation methodology;
Tests results used to ensure the RNG outcomes cannot be predicted;
Procedure to collect RNG output for an independent analysis; and
Method to authenticate the random number generator module.
Test equipment which shall include:
Wiring harnesses;
Network hardware and software;
Laptop and/or Desktop PC;
Regulator testing programs and chips; and
All prototype hardware and software.
Casino Computer System documentation which shall include:
All available parameter and/or configurable options that may impact the product’s compliance with regulations;
The required parameter and/or configurable option settings necessary to ensure regulatory compliance;
A description of product compliance with casino computer system regulations; and
The identification of all software modules that impact the collection and reporting of revenue, application security, and the overall integrity of the system.
Any other information or equipment that is deemed necessary by the Division in order to complete the testing of the prototype.

Each prototype modification submitted for Division approval shall comply with the above, provided however that only the documentation and/or equipment that has been modified shall be required.

Should you require clarification on the above or seek additional information, you may contact the TSB’s main number at 609-441-7542.

New Jersey First Submissions and Approvals

All submission letters and gaming equipment designated as New Jersey First shall be sent to:

Division of Gaming Enforcement
Technical Servies Bureau (2nd Floor)
1300 Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

  • Cover letters shall include “NJ First” printed in boldface in the subject line.
  • The cover letter shall include a statement that the submission contains new gaming equipment that has been submitted simultaneously to any other jurisdiction and/or indepdendent testing laboratory, or not yet been submitted for testing to any other jurisdiction and/or independent testing laboratory.
  • The Division shall not accept New Jersey First Letters unless the manufacturer has also provided all of the necessary hardware and software required for testing.
  • If the Division has not completed its review within 14 days of receiving a New Jersey First submission, the Division will issue a field trial approval on or before the 14th day.
  • Slot machines which are field tested as part of the New Jersey First submission process shall have a notice conspicuously affixed to the front of the machine which states the following:

“In an effort to offer the newest and most exciting games to Atlantic City patrons, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) may field test certain slot machines that meet specific regulatory criteria. This slot machine is one such game and it is currently undergoing a field trial test. should you experience any problems or hae any concerns regarding this machine, please contact the NJDGE using the patron complaint hotline located on the casino floor.”

Listing of Atlantic City Jackpots

Announcement of Atlantic City Jackpots
$50,000 or more

Listings of Jackpots Won
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  The listing will be cumulative and updated on the 1st and 15th of each month at 2:00 p.m. or the first business day thereafter. Information contained in the listing includes the following:
  image Date the jackpot was won
  image Casino
  image Amount of the jackpot
  image Denomination of the slot machine
  image Slot machine manufacturer
  image Theme of the slot machine

Contact Us

Should you require clarification on the above or seek additional information, you may contact the TSB’s main number at (609)441-7542.

TSB Mailing Address:
New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
Technical Services Bureau
2nd Floor
1300 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Fax: (609)441-3511

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