Victims of Crime Compensation Office

VCCO is committed to serving crime victims and their families. VCCO staff is ready, willing and able to assist those affected emotionally, financially and/or physically by a crime. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime, you may qualify for reimbursement, so please contact VCCO, we are here to help.

A victim seeking VCCO benefits may receive a maximum award of up to $25,000. If a victim’s injury is catastrophic, meaning the victim has lost permanent use of a bodily function, the maximum award increases up to an additional $35,000.

How to Apply

VCCO applications and instructions are available online* or at every law enforcement agency and medical institution in New Jersey. They are required to and make these applications available.

Applications are also available from the 21 county prosecutors’ offices through their respective Victim/Witness Coordinator. The Coordinators will assist crime victims in filling out the form.

You can also get an application from the VCCO. Please call 973-648-2107 or 877-658-2221 for assistance.

To obtain benefits, you must file a completed claim form and comply with Board regulations which are explained in the instructions. You will be asked to submit information to support your application. Where possible and to speed up processing, it would be helpful to submit a copy of a police report and related bills, receipts and insurance statements together with the application. Please send copies only and keep the originals for your own records.

*The VCCO Application form is downloadable as a Portable Document Format file (PDF). PDF documents appear the same as the original printed forms. To view and print these forms, you must have a PDF viewer which is available free here

What Expenses Qualify for Compensation?

Compensation benefits may be awarded up to a maximum of $25,000 per claim ($10,000 for crimes before December 5, 1982) and may include the following:

  • Medical
  • Counseling
  • Dental
  • Prescription
  • Relocation ($3,000 maximum)
  • Funeral ($7,500 maximum)
  • Transportation to Funeral
  • Loss of earnings (victim)
  • Loss of earnings (claimant)
  • Loss of Support (homicide claim)
  • Loss of Support (from the offender)
  • Stolen cash reimbursement – certain conditions apply
  • Attorney Fees (victim’s rights)
  • Attorney representation with filing claim
  • Domestic Help ($6,500 maximum)
  • Daycare Services ($6,500 maximum)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medically Related Transportation
  • Crime Scene Cleanup ($4,000 maximum)
  • Bereavement (loss of earnings)
  • Court Attendance (loss of earnings)
  • Court Attendance Transportation
  • Supplemental Compensation for Catastrophically Injured
When Should a Claim be Filed?

The VCCO claim must be filed within five years from the date of the personal injury or death, or at a later time if VCCO determines that “good cause” exists for the delayed filing.*

The crime must be reported to the police within nine months after it occurs, or within nine months from the time it was known or believed to have occurred, but may be considered when reported to the police after nine months if the VCCO determines that “good cause” exists for the delay.*

* Good cause can include, but is not limited to, instances where the victim or the victim’s dependents are not appropriately informed of VCCO benefits, where a crime induced incapacity prevents the timely filing of a claim, or where victims have demonstrated a mentally induced incapacity. For victims under 18 years old, the filing deadline is extended five years beyond their 18th birthday.

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Help victims recover from the effects of violent crimes by providing financial assistance to victims, their families, and victim service providers to help alleviate the economic and emotional burdens of victimization.

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If a claim is denied or determined eligible with no compensation or limited pay, the claimant has the right to an appeal before the Victims of Crime Compensation Review Board.

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