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Our comprehensive video library is available to the law enforcement and educational communities. It contains videos and other resources for various age groups detailing the effects of alcohol, drugs and impaired driving on today’s youth.

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Driver Education Forum Presentations

Featured Speakers

NHTSA – Novice Driver Initiatives PDF (127k)I PPT (176k)
Thomas Louizou, National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.

>AAA – Dare to Prepare PDF (50k) I PPT (76k)
Edward Baginski, AAA of New Jersey

NJ Online Knowledge Testing PDF (178k) I PPT (1.2mb)
Jennifer Openshaw, Viisage

  arrow Bicycle Helmet Law Fact Sheet  
  arrow Bicycle Safety Hang Tag  
  arrow Crosswalk Warning Palm Card  
  arrow Danger In and Around the Car – Keeping Our Children Safe  
  arrow Don’t Drive Stupid  
  arrow Driving While Intoxicated in New Jersey*NEW  
  arrow “Got Your Decals” Palm Card l Poster  
  arrow Graduated Driver LicenseNEW  
  >arrow> Ice & Snow  
  arrow Impaired Driving Crackdown Palm Card  
  arrow Move Over Law Palm Card  
  arrow Pedestrian Safety Palm Card  
  arrow Put It Down! Just DrivePalm Card I Flyer  
  arrow Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day  
  arrow Saved by the Belt Poster  
  arrow Safe Bicycle Riding in New Jersey  
  arrow Seat Belt Palm Card  
  arrow Share the Keys Resource Guide  
  arrow Staying Safe in the Car – Car Seat Recommendations for Children  
  arrow Tailgating Palm Card  
  arrow Traffic Safety Bulletin  
  arrow Watch for Deer!


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