Division of Highway Traffic Safety

Other Topics and Links

Other Topics and Links

Buying a Safer Car

Buying a Safer Car (NHTSA) – This booklet is published yearly to assist consumers in determining which vehicles provide the most protection in the event of a crash. In an effort to provide additional information to parents, a separate booklet is available with information on safety features and designs specific to child passengers including a “Guidelines and Usage” chart for child safety and booster seats.

Drowsy Driving

Drowsy Driving – Created by the National Sleep Foundation, this web page covers the signs of drowsy driving. There is also a link to DrowsyDriving.org which provides additional information on this safety issue.

Ensign John R. Elliott Hero Campaign for Designated Drivers

Over the past 20 years, the HERO Campaign has grown from a grassroots New Jersey initiative to encourage designated drivers into a major movement preventing drunk driving in multiple states.


Ice & Snow - Remove It Before You Go

Ice & Snow – Remove It Before You Go – Addressing the safety concerns and penalties associated with not adequately removing all ice and snow from your vehicle before driving, this web page includes a list of “Winter Driving Tips” and links to help ensure the safety of motorists during this challenging driving season.

Motorcycle Awareness For Car Drivers (MSF)

Motorcycle Awareness For Car Drivers (MSF)  – Learn how to safely interact with motorcycles on New Jersey’s roadways

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Railroad Crossing Safety
Railroad Crossing Safety
Safety tips, links and sign information for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists about how to safely pass through a railroad crossing
Senior Driver Safety

Senior Driver Safety – Presented by AAA, this website provides a variety of driving tips, tools and information specifically designed to help you help the senior driver in your life stay safe on the road.