Division of Highway Traffic Safety

SAGE (E Grants)

SAGE (E Grants)

The Division of Highway Traffic Safety administers its grants through the SAGE E-Grants system. Please click on the SAGE (E-Grants) link below to access the system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions regarding registering for SAGE?

If you are a municipality or county, you already are registered in Blue SAGE. However, if you have never personally used the SAGE system, you will need to register through the authorized official in your municipality or county. This individual is usually someone in the Mayor’s or Freeholder’s office. You may also contact the Division for this information. Any additional questions your authorized official may have can be addressed to the Division contacts listed below.

If you are a non-profit, state government department (such as Transportation, OIT, Health and Senior Services, etc.) or a College, University or other entity not previously registered on Blue SAGE, you will need to register through the Division of Highway Traffic Safety. To do this, go to the Blue SAGE login page and hit “New User”. Fill out the necessary information and, we will complete your registration. Please contact your Regional Supervisor if you have questions regarding this process.

Who do I contact with questions regarding completing the application?

Program Supervisor
Ray Reeve

Program Supervisor
Suzanne O’Hearn

Deputy Director
Robert Gaydosh

What is the process for an application to be created, approved and submitted to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety?

The application process has four steps.

  1. The Project Director (in the SAGE role Agency Administrator) creates, completes, and electronically signs the application in the first position on the signature page.
  2. The Financial Officer (also in the SAGE role Agency Administrator) reviews the application and electronically signs the second position on the signature page.
  3. The Authorized Official (in the SAGE role as Authorized Official) reviews the application and signs electronically in the third position on the signature page
  4. Either the Project Director or Authorized Official then submits the application to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety by clicking the “change status” bar on the application menu page.

We suggest that these three entities maintain contact with each other so that grants are submitted in a timely manner.

When are grant submissions due?

Grant applications for Federal Fiscal Year 2025 commencing on October 1, 2024 will be accepted until April 30, 2024. This includes applications for the Pedestrian Safety Education and Enforcement Fund grants, as well. This date is an absolute. If you intend to apply for a 2025 grant (other than a mobilization grant which will be available later), you must meet this deadline.

When will we be able to apply for mobilization grants?
You may apply for mobilization grants approximately two months prior to the start date.
Can anyone edit an application once it is completed by the Agency Administrator?

Only the Agency Administrator (Project Director) who has created the grant application can make changes to the application. The Finance Officer or Authorized Official cannot edit the application. They would need to contact the Project Director to make any changes they feel are necessary.

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