Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control

ABC Library

ABC Library

Applications & Forms

Bill and Hold
View Instructions
Download Certification (fillable pdf)

Cops-In-Shops: Summer & College Initiative
Arrest Citation Report Form
Summary of Arrests

Counsel to the Director
Revision on Appeal Procedure – dated 6/22/01
Sample Affidavit of Service
Sample Appeal
12.18 Special Ruling Instructions
12.39 Special Ruling Instructions
12.39 Special Ruling Instructions: Municipal Clerks

Enforcement Bureau

Age Waiver Form
Application for Rehabilitation Permit/ Disqualification Removal
E-141A, Employee List</a
Instructions for Self Inspection Checklist


Arrest Citation/Report Form
Budget Revision Request
Certification of Hours – Compliance Checks
Certification of Hours – Cops n Shops
Quarterly Financial Report
Quarterly Financial Report Instructions
Quarterly Narrative Report Instructions
State VoucherSummary of Arrests
W-9 Form

Investigations Bureau Forms
Self-Inspection Check List for Class C Plenary Retail Licensees
E-141A Employee List
Representation and Statement of Age for Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages

Licensing Bureau Files  Brands
Brand Registration Amendment Application
Brand Registration Application Instructions
New Brand Registration Application

Licensing Bureau Files 
– Permits
Ad Interim Permit Application
Application for Consumer Tasting Event for Supplier Representatives
Application for Consumer Tasting Permit for Wholesale Licensees
Application for Merchandising Show Permit
Application for special permit to import for personal use
Application for Temporary Storage Permit
Application for the purchase of a Print-Out or disk
Bulk Sale Permit Application
Catering Permit Application
Consumer Tasting Event Notification Form for New Jersey Wholesalers
Consumer Tasting Event Notification Form for Out-of-State Suppliers
Cooperative Purchasing Group Application
Home Brewer Permit
Home Wine Making Permit
Individual Retail Licensee Information Form
Minor Employment Application
Permit for Off-Premise Storage of Business Records
Representation & Statement of Age for Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages
Social Affair Permit Application
Solicitor Application

Licensing Bureau Files
Employee List: E141A
Petition to Extend Licensed Premises

Licensing Bureau Files 
Permit Fee List
Retail Licensing Fee List
State Licensing Fee List

Wine Tasting

Amendment to Special Ruling
Consumer Sampling Form
Special Ruling

Public Awareness

Fetal Alcohol Warning Poster (bi-lingual 8.5″x11″)
Movie Underage Drinking Summertime PSA(1.5mb mp4)
Ask. Listen. Learn. – 31 sec. video PSA featuring NJ Attorney General Paula Dow and 12-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres.
Listen-Up to the Dangers of Underage Drinking
2010 Winning PSAs:Sound One I Two (Morris Plains Borough School)
News Release (6/28/10)
2009 Winning PSA:
Sound Eng. I Esp. (Clark School)
Movie 2009 “Proms and Alcohol Don’t Mix” PSAs 
Underage Drinking Radio PSA – Sound Eng. I Esp.
Movie 2008 “Proms and Alcohol Don’t Mix” (3mb mp4)
Movie 2007 “Proms and Alcohol Don’t Mix” (2mb mp4)
Underage Drinking / Driving PSA – Featuring Rutgers University Head Football Coach Greg Schiano
Movie Video (2mb mp4) I Sound Audio (942k mp3)
Underage Drinking “Prom” PSAs
Movie Video (7.6mb mpg) I Sound Audio (990k mp3)
Hero Campaign Video PSA (RealPlayer Stream)
Educational Programs
Comic Strip Spreads

The Division is accepting applications for “Cops in Shops Federal Fiscal Year 2018” from now until 4:30 p.m. on November 17, 2017
Cidery and Meadery License (02) now available for online application
Notice to the Industry Regarding the annual Certification for “Bill and Hold” Arrangements
Notice to the Industry Regarding the NJ Lottery “Quick Draw” Game on Licensed Premises
12:18 and 12:39 Procedures for Licensees to Petition the Director to Allow Renewal of a License
Blanket Employment Permits/Minor Employment Permits
Reminder to Current Transit Insignia Permittees
Retailer Bill and Hold Certifications Extension
Division announces revised procedure for issuing temporary permits for Winery Outlet/Salesroom (6-22-2016)
Gin Mill Tavern, Inc., v. Kearny, sets forth presumption that town objects to licensee’s petition to the Director for a compromise offer in lieu of suspension absent a written statement to the contrary. In the absence of such a statement, the burden shall be on the licensee to demonstrate good cause.
NJ ABC POSSE Announcement to all Licensees, Permittees, and Public Users regarding new online licensing system capabilities
Instructions and Retail Licensee Certification for Bill and Hold Arrangements
– View Instructions
– Download Certification (fillable pdf)

ABC Announces addition of E-Check for online payments
Special Ruling on Certain Wholesaler Practices
Notice to New Jersey Licensed Wholesalers Concerning Current Price List (CPL) Filing
– More here…
NJ ABC Advisory Opinion on Solicitor Compensation
– View complete document here
Notice to The Industry: Regarding Pairing Dinners
ABC announces the availability of the following reports via our web page: Co-Ops, Licensee List, and Registered Agent monthly lists.
ABC announces availability of an Index of Bulletins from Bulletin 2001- 2483
Craft Distillery License Application and Instructions (Effective December 1, 2013)
Notice to all New Jersey Licensed Wholesalers Concerning CPL Filings
– Request to File Late Current Price Listing
– Request to Amend Current Price Listing
Notice to All Clerks of Municipal Issuing Authorities Concerning Late Renewals of Liquor Licenses
Notice to All Clerks of Municipal Issuing Authorities Concerning Events Requiring Social Affairs Permits
NOTICE TO THE INDUSTRY: An amendment to N.J.S.A. 33:1-26 permits certain individuals convicted of crimes of moral turpitude to be employed on a licensed premises without the need to obtain a rehabilitation permit – New E-141-A Fillable Form
List of Out-of-State Winery Licenses Issued

Out-of-State Winery Application & Instructions

New Alcohol Management Plan for Winery Salesrooms/Outlets (Effective April 1, 2013)
Notice to Retailers and Wholesalers
A reminder to the regulated community concerning NJABC administrative regulations governing the return of alcoholic beverages to a wholesaler from a retailer.

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